Monday, 28 February 2011

Missha BB Balm Pact (Review)

Missha BB Balm Pact
I got this today and I really love the scent. Smells like a perfume. It may be a con to those who hate scented products (and so korean prods are not for you most of em are scented) but it really doesnt bother me because you wont smell it once you already applied it on your face. Coverage is good more like Missha PC. I got the one with shade 21(light beige), there are two more shades 13(lightest) and 23(natural beige). The packaging is superb.
Well I cannot say more, maybe I would write a review with more depth when Im already done half way through the product. But I really love it.

My Haul Part 1 ♥

First row : Missha PC BB cream, Liole free cotton pads
Second row: Missha PC BB cream Travel Size, Nature Republic AntiWrinkle Travel Kit (freebie!), Skinfood Rice Mask(love it!), Missha BB Balm Pact
Last Row: Liole Pink Blooming Tint, Black Sugar mask (Sample Free!) Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser (Free!) Gold Caviar Foundation and Cream (Free samples!), Laneige Hydro Cream (Free! Travel Size) and last Peripera Lip Balm.

My haul ♥

wOoo Hoooo !! I is so hapeee.
I got half of my haul today and my oh my im so contented.
The seller gave me a LOT as in a LOT of freebies.

This is a very tiring day, my darling and I went to trinoma for a st
roll then met the seller ate at Taco Bell (Yum!) and played at Timezone (our beloved battlegear). My gawd, I won our battle. Its fun and my boyfie considers it as his workout because when he plays Battlegear thats the only time he sweats a lot (he doesnt sweat from other things like long walk, marathons, etc IDK why).

Then we went home and boyfie made some sushi and sashimi. Its the second time he tried doing it. Forgive the deformed appearance because it taste better than cheap Tokyo Tokyo, more like Red Kimono.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tiring day

Been to megamall today and bought nothing but hair ties. Pfft.
Been watching and reading reviews.
So many people complaining about breaking out when they've tried any BB Cream.
Haven't been in that situation but one of the reason why it could do that is maybe because they stick to your face like makeup so you need to wash your face thoroughly before sleeping.

Saturday, 26 February 2011


too drunk to post today. ♥
gotta love Payday.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Yay! My Sims 3 sucks in exterior. LOL. I really hate designing exterior. I dont know. Im just no so good at it even my boyfriend told me my exterior sucks hoho. I dont really care. All I wanted is to make my Sims do some lovey dovey sims which I dont really have in real life, I am a sucker for romance and my boy is just my biggest OPPOSITE. Oh well I chose him so why even bother complain and tah dah ~ My sims moving innnnnnn. I love Sims3.

I am excited for SUNDAY.

I am hauling big time with korean products this current pay out and I cant wait to show you guys what Ive bought. ♥

Just got home from work and aweeee its really tiring. A glass of cold water could ease the stress now but Im too lazy to grab one and stand up from my seat hoho.

Here's my List:

Tony Moly Magic Lip Tint
Tony Moly Backstage Liner Black
Tony Moly Lip and cheek tint
Tony Moly Milky Tint Pink
Tony Moly Tomatox Brightening Mask
Tony Moly Crystal Gold Beam Highlighter
Tony Moly Egg Pore SIlky Smooth Balm
Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream
Missha M perfect Cover #21
M Cover BB PACT #21
Liole Blooming Cherry Tint
Liole Pop Pinky Tint
Skinfood Omija Teabag Brightening Toner
Skinfood Omija Serum
Skinfood Rice Mask
Baviphat Naughty Girl Chiffon Cake Cream Blusher #4
Baviphat Applemint Pore Tightening Deep Cleansing Balm
VOV Goodbye Eye Pender Waterproof Eyeliner in Real Black
Peripera Wonder Talk Lipbalm

Would be reviewing all of them for you soon. ♥

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Out of guilt or out of my scary rants.

Ive been looking for my tweezers for the last 4 days and even fixed my clothes refolded all of em and reorganized my makeup and kits but cant seem to find it then I went home to Laguna and slept there last night and went back to this crappy boarding house and somebody returned it to my makeup bag!

I swore it was not there because when I was looking for it I am sure I did not miss that crappy bag and even transferred some of its content in my shoe box full of crap.

Darn it I hate dorms but I have no choice.
(Its not the boarding house rish, its the people you are boarding with)

When everything else is boring play Sims 3.

Designing Sim3 House. I love sims3. ♥

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Society forgives the criminal, but never forgives the dreamer.
Oscar Wilde

Will be reposting my tumblr here.

Will be merging all my other blogs here. If I can find them hehe.
Or talagang wala lang ako magawa?

Haircut. Again?

Nah, not a haircut. I am planning to trim my hair and have it styled this way though its hard to manage. I wanna look like a Gyaru Ulzzang whatever they are pretty much the same. I am planning to do this maybe by End of March. ♥ My bday new look.

Old me.

Meet me 3 Years ago, when I still dont know the word makeup, (pardon my crooked teeth heh) Chinese much? No am not chinese. Neither Korean nor Japanese. I am pure Pinoy, half tagalog, half bisaya. Well I admit atleast but the bad part is that I dont know how to speak bisaya. Would love to learn how. Please tutor me Ill pay you 50 pesos Hoho. Kuripot much? I just recently got my back pay and the clearing ends today, I asked my darling to withdraw the money for me, thanks puda! He is one reliable boyfriend. We call each other puda for an unknown reason. I call him darming because we both love cats, and that he told me I just learned it from him, we the fact is NO, a big NO. Im already fond of cats before specially if Hello kitty would count HEHEHEHE. Well honestly I love cats ever since but wouldn't dare to have one because I am never into PETS. Well I love animals, or the right way to say it is I love to look at animals and thats it. Cuddle? Naaaah. id rather have those stuffed cotton filled toys. Then he suddenly started calling me puda so I just mimicked it. Me and puda have been together for almost 3 years now and I think Ive been working on this relationship so hard Ive forgotten self respect. Its not that I feel sorry for myself but for me this isn't how I really wanted things to be. Im down under my guy and he
bosses me around. I kind of like it but honestly its tiring. I dont know whats wrong with me but Ive had an ex who treats me like a Goddess but still I was not happy with that, oh well I am really hard to please. My face already started to loose those round jowls I used to have but I still have em only not that big as how it used to be. My aunts kind of praises how my face starts to mature because they think I am looking better more and more each day *blushes* LOL. I am really vain so I love praises. Praises rain over me. Darn my neighbors are still noisy how the heck am I going to sleep? Darn it.


Its been a while since my last post. Garrr. Its like nonsense. I changed the template because I wont be attaching this on a blogbox in my last website since Im already familiar with wordpress aswell which is not my thing right now, ive had a lot of blogs from Xanga, Blogger, Wordpress, Multiply, Tumblr Gah I already forgot most of them.

And then Ive been hook to social sites such as Friendster, Hipster, Highfive, Pinoyster, Myspace, and now the dearest FACEBOOK, so plain unless you download those spamming goodies. I hate thossssssssssse.

Ive changed a lot from the simple foul mouthed kid to a bitchy face painter narcissistic moron.

Ive really HUUUUGELY changed a lot. Ive become dumber. Specially in the largest aspect of life - LOVE.

Well just reading my previous posts like 4 years ago heck, Im proud I have never been a jejemon HAHAHAHA.

Just thinking of a site where I can post makeup reviews because its my thing now, my boyfriend even told me I am wasting a lot of bandwidth in watching nonsense tutorials and blah blah reviews (cause were using SUCKER wi-tribe).

I dont know with Wi-tribe but my boyfriend havent paid since we had this freakin connection (it sucks unless you're ok with slow loading YOUTUBE and limited downloads a month) but they just wont disconnect it, well boyfie is just waiting for them to disconnect the bundle so we dont need to pay for the bond. Its the smartest way I think. Blah whateverrr.

So I ended working instead of studying because we failed to fill up the scholarship form and I was not chosen in OWWA scholarship (ok fine i did not get the highest score because out of 22 kids they just took one) I just hate not being number one but nevermind them.

Ive been with a bank, for almost a year now and Im soaring high in performance (I know Im a bragger who reads this crap anyway). I was number 5 for November month out of 250 or less agents. Well maybe number 5 is not good enough for me but still I never expected that and now Im currently 2nd in AC sales (plain chamba because most of them have low scoresssss HAHA).

I love my current job specially the people and my BOSS. My boss is my ideal family man I wanna have someone like him someday, and I hope I can have that someday.

Its my boyfies bday last monday and heck mines this April, Im turning 21 cant believe it.

Imma marry a great guy when Im already 26, well not sure if its my boyfie, not yet sure but maybe, but hey there's still many fishes in the sea and hoping I could catch a good one soon.

The freakin neighbors are partyin I feel like a sick person from a very long travel I wanna puke but the noise they are makin just wont make me slap DAMN.

Ok Im out of ideas Blaaaaaaah~


Ive been using this baby for like a year now, Missha Perfect Cover in 21. Got it as a gift from my boyfriend last year I forgot the date. I just figured maybe its time to give the review it deserves.
I am a fan of bubs , and she recommended this and ever since then I was raving about this. Researched about it then finally found out that we have a Missha store here in Ph (I am not a fan of online buying I'd rather walk in a store, I know its kind of tiring but yea I love shopping and browsing a lot). Then one time me and my boyfie happened to go to Trinoma for I forgot that something we bought and I asked him if we could go to SM ANNEX and there I saw my baby shining. LOL. When I was looking at their big BB Cream selection my boyfriend took this one and paid for it as a gift. It was around 1600 but we got it on sale and paid only 1200 with lots of freebies (Sachets of cleansing oil, bb boomer, and other variant of their bb cream).
So back to the review, so yeah Ive been using this for a year now (repetitive b*tch hoho) and here's what I think:
♦ It has medium coverage enough to cover my dark circles and not so many blemishes (oh yea Im a blessed kid when it comes to skin --- on the face ---- I usually have my acnes on my back ewww I dont know. LOL)
♦ Feels light almost felt like my own skin
♦ Nobody ever notices I have something on my face, everybody loves my skin thinking its so perfect-NOT.
♦ No light cast (unless maybe if you applied a lot)
♦ It helped dry up my zits and lighten my scars.
♦ Smells like Johnsons baby powder.
♦ A little goes a long way.
♦ Comes with a hygienic pump.
♦ Its expensive locally but if you buy it online ranging from 800-1000
♦ Tends to get oily after 3 hrs. I dont blot oil I just let it be LOL.
I dont have any decent before and after shots for you i dont have any decent camera maybe some other time. ♥