Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner - Black (review)

Thanks to this very boring nothing to do day I managed to force myself to do another review. Hehehe. I already feel I am getting serious on this LOL Spell FEELING.

This I also Ordered from Beloved Charm. This product is obviously a gel liner (do I have anything more decent to say?) Its named for some reason BACKSTAGE GEL LINER which I dont know why but hey Im talking nonsense again.

I got this because Ive been reading a lot of good things about this and most people compared it to MAC fluidline which I cant testify because that is expensive for a breadwinner like me.

And oh the lid looks weird because its a built in brush. About the brush, hmm. Obviously its soft and super slim as you can see in the snap but you hafta be careful to clean this up after applying the gel liner itself because it tends to harden and become awful. You might never wanna risk it.
Here's how it looks like when applied. I love how jet black it is and that I can manage to apply it lightly with a light swipe and just apply it like how people normally would to achieve a very black thick upper lid line. I love how its easy to maneuver. BUT you have to wait for it to dry well not that long but you still have too. It lasts around 9 hours on my lids if I wont rub it and does not fade and slide.
Water test:
It doesnt in anyway say its waterproof or maybe because I just dont understand Korean lol but..
Tadahhhh~ gots to love it!
Price : 445 Php / 10.50 USD.
Will repurchase: YEEEEEEES. Its available in 9 colors. (Black, Brown, Pearl Brown, Bluish Black, Reddish Brown or Mauve, Candy Pink, I dont know but Blue, Yellow and Orange! - sorry dont know official names)


Penelope said...

Great review! I love how this comes with a built in brush! Thanks for sharing x

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