Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Its been a while since my last post. Garrr. Its like nonsense. I changed the template because I wont be attaching this on a blogbox in my last website since Im already familiar with wordpress aswell which is not my thing right now, ive had a lot of blogs from Xanga, Blogger, Wordpress, Multiply, Tumblr Gah I already forgot most of them.

And then Ive been hook to social sites such as Friendster, Hipster, Highfive, Pinoyster, Myspace, and now the dearest FACEBOOK, so plain unless you download those spamming goodies. I hate thossssssssssse.

Ive changed a lot from the simple foul mouthed kid to a bitchy face painter narcissistic moron.

Ive really HUUUUGELY changed a lot. Ive become dumber. Specially in the largest aspect of life - LOVE.

Well just reading my previous posts like 4 years ago heck, Im proud I have never been a jejemon HAHAHAHA.

Just thinking of a site where I can post makeup reviews because its my thing now, my boyfriend even told me I am wasting a lot of bandwidth in watching nonsense tutorials and blah blah reviews (cause were using SUCKER wi-tribe).

I dont know with Wi-tribe but my boyfriend havent paid since we had this freakin connection (it sucks unless you're ok with slow loading YOUTUBE and limited downloads a month) but they just wont disconnect it, well boyfie is just waiting for them to disconnect the bundle so we dont need to pay for the bond. Its the smartest way I think. Blah whateverrr.

So I ended working instead of studying because we failed to fill up the scholarship form and I was not chosen in OWWA scholarship (ok fine i did not get the highest score because out of 22 kids they just took one) I just hate not being number one but nevermind them.

Ive been with a bank, for almost a year now and Im soaring high in performance (I know Im a bragger who reads this crap anyway). I was number 5 for November month out of 250 or less agents. Well maybe number 5 is not good enough for me but still I never expected that and now Im currently 2nd in AC sales (plain chamba because most of them have low scoresssss HAHA).

I love my current job specially the people and my BOSS. My boss is my ideal family man I wanna have someone like him someday, and I hope I can have that someday.

Its my boyfies bday last monday and heck mines this April, Im turning 21 cant believe it.

Imma marry a great guy when Im already 26, well not sure if its my boyfie, not yet sure but maybe, but hey there's still many fishes in the sea and hoping I could catch a good one soon.

The freakin neighbors are partyin I feel like a sick person from a very long travel I wanna puke but the noise they are makin just wont make me slap DAMN.

Ok Im out of ideas Blaaaaaaah~

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