Monday, 28 February 2011

Missha BB Balm Pact (Review)

Missha BB Balm Pact
I got this today and I really love the scent. Smells like a perfume. It may be a con to those who hate scented products (and so korean prods are not for you most of em are scented) but it really doesnt bother me because you wont smell it once you already applied it on your face. Coverage is good more like Missha PC. I got the one with shade 21(light beige), there are two more shades 13(lightest) and 23(natural beige). The packaging is superb.
Well I cannot say more, maybe I would write a review with more depth when Im already done half way through the product. But I really love it.


MOON said...

Oh, it looks so pretty! I want! ^^

Quin of Vanity said...

hey thanks!