Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner - Black (review)

Thanks to this very boring nothing to do day I managed to force myself to do another review. Hehehe. I already feel I am getting serious on this LOL Spell FEELING.

This I also Ordered from Beloved Charm. This product is obviously a gel liner (do I have anything more decent to say?) Its named for some reason BACKSTAGE GEL LINER which I dont know why but hey Im talking nonsense again.

I got this because Ive been reading a lot of good things about this and most people compared it to MAC fluidline which I cant testify because that is expensive for a breadwinner like me.

And oh the lid looks weird because its a built in brush. About the brush, hmm. Obviously its soft and super slim as you can see in the snap but you hafta be careful to clean this up after applying the gel liner itself because it tends to harden and become awful. You might never wanna risk it.
Here's how it looks like when applied. I love how jet black it is and that I can manage to apply it lightly with a light swipe and just apply it like how people normally would to achieve a very black thick upper lid line. I love how its easy to maneuver. BUT you have to wait for it to dry well not that long but you still have too. It lasts around 9 hours on my lids if I wont rub it and does not fade and slide.
Water test:
It doesnt in anyway say its waterproof or maybe because I just dont understand Korean lol but..
Tadahhhh~ gots to love it!
Price : 445 Php / 10.50 USD.
Will repurchase: YEEEEEEES. Its available in 9 colors. (Black, Brown, Pearl Brown, Bluish Black, Reddish Brown or Mauve, Candy Pink, I dont know but Blue, Yellow and Orange! - sorry dont know official names)

Battle of the TINTS! =) *picture heavy*

The lazy madame is back. Ok ok I know Im so lazy and I adore people who manage to post everyday. I just suddenly realize I need to update so here I am. (Enough of nonsense talk or enough of talking to self lol)

I am a TINT girl ever since highschool. I wanna try BENETINT because Ive heard so many good/bad reviews about it and wanna try it myself so I would know how I would like it but ohhh its way over my budget. I know I know some people think Im over reacting but if your here in the Philippines you would get my point. IMPORTED things specially those made in US and JAPAN are uber expensive here. (I am hearing echoes of AMEN lol)
Here I am going to review KOREAN brand TINTS because I dont wanna review local products because for me, why review something you can easily get a hold of and try yourself? I feel reviewing products out of reach or not locally common so girls out there who raves them would get to know if its worth the effort. But neeeeeeh Im just making excuses, Ill review local products soon LOL.
Say hello to my babies : (left to right) Tony Moly Tint in Cherry and Apple, Lioele Blooming Pop Tint in Cherry and Pink and my LOVE Tony Moly Milky Tint in Pink!
Tony Moly Milky Tint/ Liole Pinky tint
when blended

Tony Moly Milky Tint : comes with doe foot applicator thats uber feathery soft. This one is love when applied on lips (and i dont wanna show you because my lips are like FAT and UGLY lol) but sadly it does not show that much on face but I think it would show better for those who have fairer skin than mine (Im medium to fair skintone). Smells sweet but very faint. Price: 370 php / 9 USD

Lioele Pinky Tint : Ive done a review for this one before if you havent seen it click this. Its almost the same compared to TM's but I love TM's more because this one has a brush applicator like your applying nail polish on your lippies lol. On cheeks/skin I dont like this because its hard to blend. It shows streaks on where you applied it before blending if you know what I mean (GAAAH Im so bad in explaining such things maybe because I s*ck in ENGLISH LOL) Smells like strawberries YUM. Price: 495 php/ 11.50 USD

Next Stop Tony Moly Red Apple Tint : I think this is the most popular tint in KOREA, dont correct me if Im wrong LOL. Its raved almost everywhere because its extremely pigmented like AHHHHHHH BLOOD STAIN LMAO. But I think the cherry one was way loved by most (which I gave away to a dear friend because IM THE BESTEST FRIEND EVER HAHA). Its scarily Red as you can see and looks like you're injured when not blended properly LOL. But overall I love this tint when placed just on the center of the lips to create the so called "just sucked in a Popsicle" effect. It stays on the whooooooooooole day but tends to be drying so be sure to hydrate your lips before applying. Smells like permanent markers from the tube LOL but doesnt smell like anything while on the lips. Taste like nothing because I dont lick it helloooooo. Price: 275 php/ 6.30USD
Now for Lioele Blooming Pop Cherry Red Tint : This disappointed me. Some say this is the best dupe for BENETINT which I cant say because I dont have and havent tried benetint. This tends to be transparent obvious red when applied but tends to be sheer and not so visible when blended. Not as drying as TM's Red Apple Tint but staying power is SO SO. This is way thinner than the Blooming Pop Pink One seems liquidy. Smells like cherry, cherry medicine lol. Price: 495 php/ 11.50USD
Liole Cherry tint / TM's Apple Tint/ TM's Milky Tint / Liole Cherry Tint
My Fave out of the BUNCH Tony Moly Magic Tint in CLEAR : Its one of those products who interacts with temperature and once applied turns into wonderful pink. Sorry if it already look old because this is my everyday tint. It smells like hmmmmmmm grapes wonderful grapes and taste like grapes. It seems sticky but not overly sticky and it doesnt seem to bother me (even if i hate glosses because of stickyness). Have a shiny finish. I just apply this on my lips. Just got this last month. Price: 250 php / 6 USD
Seeeeeee when also applied on skin its still gorgeous and awesome.
TM's Magic Tint in Clear/ Liole Cherry tint / TM's Apple Tint/ TM's Milky Tint / Liole Cherry Tint
with flash
TM's Magic Tint in Clear/ Liole Cherry tint / TM's Apple Tint/ TM's Milky Tint / Liole Cherry Tint
without flash/ indoor lighting
On to the water test.
The lioele Cherry tint is gone. See its disappointing. 1 Lioele tint costs me like two TM's Apple tint. The prices in USD are just based on rough estimation of 43 php per one USD. If you are interested to get these products I believe Lioele is sold in (which is a US BASED seller) and for Tony moly Im not so sure. I got mine from my very pretty online seller Charm. She have the best and most reasonable price EVERRRR.

Monday, 16 May 2011

FACE OFF : Missha BB Balm Pact vs. Etude House Collagen Balm

I am a makeup noob, I have used pact foundation powders before like a big slap on my face and dont even care if my face color matches my neck (lol). Then suddenly, Ive met a friend who introduced me to BB creams/Blemish Balm. I dont think I need to explain what BB cream is because that's google's job, and hey, its like two years ago when BB fever have started.
The first BB cream Ive tried is Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream, I dont have it with me anymore. I gave it to a friend when I met my Bff Missha hehe. But I am too lazy to give my friend a review because there are lots of them around so I think you dont need it? kidding. lol. I just dont wanna give it a review this time because I wanna talk a lot about that and I dont have swatch pics again so I am sorry. Forgive thy laziness.
Back to topic, Ive got Etude House Collagen Balm first (Orange Pact). I think i bought it around November because I am itching to try a new product (even though I still have my Missha Perfect Cover I received as a gift from my very loving poging(good looking) boyfriend last Oct which up to date I still have!). It was not really what I am eying for at that moment, I was looking for their Magic BB Balm (the one in a purple tub) but to my horror, it was out of stock X(. But the SA was such a smooth talker and she have forced/convinced me to get the EHCB instead (because the name is too long I have to abbreviate sorry).
Etude House Collagen BB Balm
- Weighing 12g(0.42oz), with white swirl moisture cream. Promises to supply collagen for stronger derma integrity and promote useful skin.
Ive got the lightest shade and it matches like a dream (#1 light beige)
> Moisturizing.
> Has a very faint scent, smells like plastic but really very very little.
> Has an extra SPONGE! (even though I dont use it, its still an extra!)
> Doesnt set into fine lines.
> Does not CAKE!
> Lightweight feels like 2nd layer of skin, only flawless! (I dont have major facial problems, some dark blemishes and just redness around the nose)
> Cute Orange packaging! but mine already have scratches sob X(
> SPF 36
> the balm looks pretty with white swirlssssssss but when you start using it, blaaaah its gone.
> Locally available! Yay!
> Staying power is SO-SO
> Tends to become oily after 3 hrs.
> Doesnt cover dark circles
> As usual 2 shades, like what most korean makeup bases have.
> White cast, under flashed photos, like most BB creams.
PRICE: 700+ (forgot the exact sorry), roughly 18USD
Overall: 4/5
Will repurchase: No, nothing can ever take Missha PC's place in my heart (or maybe because the first one Ive had is from my BF? lol)
Missha M Cover BB Balm Pact
- Weighing 20g! Against Animal testing! This Balm covers dark spots to even out dark spots naturally (wth? why do they have to put the word naturally when you have to use this to hide spots lol! should have been, will even out skin tone by helping blemishes fade with regular use. I dont know maybe I am stupid lol!) Promises to leave soft and moisturizing afterfeel. With Red berry complex with powerful anti-oxidantation property to avoid OXIDATION and moist. Keep skin 24 HR moisturized(lie).
The one I got is 2nd to the lightest.
(13 lightest beige, 21 light beige, 23 natural beige, I forgot the dark beige if its 30)
> Moisturizing.
> Love the scent! It has a light floral scent but you wont notice it when applied on face (unless your nose could walk around your face and sniff hard)
> Lightweight feels like 2nd layer of skin, only flawless! (I dont have major facial problems, some dark blemishes and just redness around the nose)
> SPF 50
> A little goes a long way!
> Not as oily as Missha Perfect Cover.
> Good staying power! Stayed on me for 6-8 hrs (in an air conditioned surrounding)
> Doesnt cover dark circles
> Sets on fine lines.
> Too white on me. Be careful when buying this, its lighter than MPC. Should have gotten 23 instead pft.
> As usual limited shades (I believe they already have 4 shades now), like what most Korean makeup bases have.
> White cast, under flashed photos, like most BB creams.
> Expensive! Almost as costly as a MAC blush.
> Not locally available. Bought it from Charm.
PRICE: 1200+ php (forgot the exact sorry), roughly 25USD (I got mine on sale 875 php)
Overall: 3/5
Will repurchase: No, its really not my cup of tea whateverrrrrr. I am even thinking of selling it but I just cant let go of the gorgeous packaging. SOB.
Comparison Photos:
If I were to choose, Id rather have the Etude House one because of the color match and Missha have worse white cast. Ahhhh. This post is too long I am already having a headache!
If I were you, which one is for keeps and which one would you rather sell?
Swatches here they come :)
Missha / Etude
Notice the white cast. Missha HAVE WAY WORSE white cast than Etude
without flash

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Holika Holika - Cat Blush (updated with swatch)

Hi loves. Holika Holika is a korean brand we dont hear much about (unlike Etude House, Face Shop and Tony Moly, speaking of TM, we already have a branch open here in PH, at SM FAIRVIEW oh my Gosh cant wait to go from South to North just to buy their so famous lip tints, scarily super pigmented tints, which i already have but in case i ran out). Back to topic, Holika holika is known for its witchy cute design. With their signature color Violet or rather Purple (like Hera, but Hera as far as I know is a high end brand). I bought this cat blush when its on sale. I already had my eye on it for a long tiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmme. Its usually around 900+ but got it for 700+ php (roughly 16USD based on 43php per 1 USD) from Charm. This blush totally sold me with the uber cute kitty! I love cats. And this is totally an eye candy for me.
Had this almost a month now but havent touch it because I just adore the kitty design and Im afraid I might destroy it. LOL.
Sorry for poor photo quality I just used my camera phone for these snaps. Pardon me but I dont have any swatches to show you because Im a total failure when it comes to that (but I would try to maybe some other time when Im not too lazy or busy). Color or pigmentation is pretty decent. Its more of a highlight than a blush, only the kitty part have the peach blush color is the other ones thought it looked like pink purple whatsoever when swatched are as light as sheer white. There's one thing I dont know if I would consider it a pro or a con because i neither hate or love this fact, its a shimmer bomb. Click this to check. As in it has a lot of shimmers and im not kidding. Never the less still love it because of its cutenessssssssss.
Scent? It smells like baby powder on the pan but I dont smell anything when applied on skin or when I swatched it on my fingers.
Finally managed to snap a swatch for you. Blahhh I dont have any good camera here, just my phone. Dont expect too much (lol)
light swatch
heavy swatch with flash
heavy swatch under direct sunlight
under direct sunlight
with flash

Oh my Gossssh Im soo lazy i just cant keep up

LOL. I really adore beauty bloggers/vloggers like Eki, Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty, Chaigyaru, Fuzkittie, Bebexo, Xteener, Ahramablog, cl2425, Makeupgeek and i bet you already know about all of them (so impossible not to if you are a youtuber). I wonder how they manage their time in doing their everyday life and being so active in cyber life at the same time. I am soooooooooooo lazy but I wanna be one of you guys. Pft. :(