Monday, 28 February 2011

My haul ♥

wOoo Hoooo !! I is so hapeee.
I got half of my haul today and my oh my im so contented.
The seller gave me a LOT as in a LOT of freebies.

This is a very tiring day, my darling and I went to trinoma for a st
roll then met the seller ate at Taco Bell (Yum!) and played at Timezone (our beloved battlegear). My gawd, I won our battle. Its fun and my boyfie considers it as his workout because when he plays Battlegear thats the only time he sweats a lot (he doesnt sweat from other things like long walk, marathons, etc IDK why).

Then we went home and boyfie made some sushi and sashimi. Its the second time he tried doing it. Forgive the deformed appearance because it taste better than cheap Tokyo Tokyo, more like Red Kimono.

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