Monday, 3 December 2007

Finally Open

I still can't figure out how to use wordpress and net explanations are not enough for me. Oh dear, how I wish I had a boyfriend who knows a lot about HTML, DHTML, XML, and PHP. Haha! Just kidding, baka kasi mabasa to ng boyfriend ko magalit pa sakin(boo, kahit hindi ka marunong love naman kita. Sorry).

I just decided to use blogger for a while because its easier to set up. How I wish na sana may magturo sakin mag install ng wordpress dito sa site ko. So sad naman.

I have been online since 12pm and my head is now aching but even if so, Im still infront of the computer. Weird huh? I got nothing else to do so I just stayed and carried on surfing. While updating my friendster someone has given me a comment with an image made from Imikimi. A nice site where you can edit your pictures online with features like Adobe Photoshop! There's no blur thing or adjustments and filter though, but its still worth a try. Here are some images I made from imikimi. Click on the thumbnails to see full view.


I am so new to this blog things. Huhu. Hope I can maintain this. Um, a message for my friend Michelle: is your site down? I checked it a while ago, nagloload ung BG mo pero di lumalabas yung content. Just wondrin. I am looking for new afflies. New afflies ko ngayon is Ate Thrish and Lois. My afflies links are located dun sa taas na navigation right below Link me. Thanks for exchanging links with me!

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Thrish said...

kala ko wordpress to..nice site :D yea i agree mas madali mag-code sa blogger kasi simple blogger codes lang.. pero limited features kasi.. in time you'll learn din naman.. ako nga kaka-migrate lng ng wordpress..i can help you if you want.. maybe next week?? i still dunno my scheds pa kasi may exams ako.. lol todo offer.. hehe.. anyway, nararamdaman ko kasi yan.. dati akong blogger eh.. wee..

btw, thanks for droppin by warpedfate. and i'll link you up na rin :D