Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Ive been using this baby for like a year now, Missha Perfect Cover in 21. Got it as a gift from my boyfriend last year I forgot the date. I just figured maybe its time to give the review it deserves.
I am a fan of bubs , and she recommended this and ever since then I was raving about this. Researched about it then finally found out that we have a Missha store here in Ph (I am not a fan of online buying I'd rather walk in a store, I know its kind of tiring but yea I love shopping and browsing a lot). Then one time me and my boyfie happened to go to Trinoma for I forgot that something we bought and I asked him if we could go to SM ANNEX and there I saw my baby shining. LOL. When I was looking at their big BB Cream selection my boyfriend took this one and paid for it as a gift. It was around 1600 but we got it on sale and paid only 1200 with lots of freebies (Sachets of cleansing oil, bb boomer, and other variant of their bb cream).
So back to the review, so yeah Ive been using this for a year now (repetitive b*tch hoho) and here's what I think:
♦ It has medium coverage enough to cover my dark circles and not so many blemishes (oh yea Im a blessed kid when it comes to skin --- on the face ---- I usually have my acnes on my back ewww I dont know. LOL)
♦ Feels light almost felt like my own skin
♦ Nobody ever notices I have something on my face, everybody loves my skin thinking its so perfect-NOT.
♦ No light cast (unless maybe if you applied a lot)
♦ It helped dry up my zits and lighten my scars.
♦ Smells like Johnsons baby powder.
♦ A little goes a long way.
♦ Comes with a hygienic pump.
♦ Its expensive locally but if you buy it online ranging from 800-1000
♦ Tends to get oily after 3 hrs. I dont blot oil I just let it be LOL.
I dont have any decent before and after shots for you i dont have any decent camera maybe some other time. ♥

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