Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My korean Makeup Haul

Gaaaaaahd, this package arrived last week and yet Im still too lazy to do reviews on it.
Here's the list of things Ive got:
○ Tony Moly
_ Appletox (Peeling Mask)
_ Tomatox (Brightening Mask)
_ Gel Liner (Some say better than MAC)
_ Tints! (Thats what they're famous for)
_ Eggpore Primer (Bulky Golden Egg)
_ Gold Beam (Like benefit's moon beam)
○ Lioele
_ Silky BB Touch
_ Foot and Ankle Cream
_ Face Sun Screen
_ Vline Sleeping Pack
_ Cherry Tint
_ Oriental BB Cream
_ Oriental Shimmering BB Cream
○ SkinFood Omija Line (Serum, Cream and Toner)
○ Holika Holika
_ Kitty Blush
_ Enamel Magicara


Penelope said...

Wow, what an amazing haul! so many exciting products! Looking forward to your reviews!

Jessy said...

great haul~~~so jealous you went o korea~~~i want to go too, if i ever get the chance too

btw im holding a giveaway, if you are feeling lucky, come and sign up~