Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Holika Holika - Cat Blush (updated with swatch)

Hi loves. Holika Holika is a korean brand we dont hear much about (unlike Etude House, Face Shop and Tony Moly, speaking of TM, we already have a branch open here in PH, at SM FAIRVIEW oh my Gosh cant wait to go from South to North just to buy their so famous lip tints, scarily super pigmented tints, which i already have but in case i ran out). Back to topic, Holika holika is known for its witchy cute design. With their signature color Violet or rather Purple (like Hera, but Hera as far as I know is a high end brand). I bought this cat blush when its on sale. I already had my eye on it for a long tiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmme. Its usually around 900+ but got it for 700+ php (roughly 16USD based on 43php per 1 USD) from Charm. This blush totally sold me with the uber cute kitty! I love cats. And this is totally an eye candy for me.
Had this almost a month now but havent touch it because I just adore the kitty design and Im afraid I might destroy it. LOL.
Sorry for poor photo quality I just used my camera phone for these snaps. Pardon me but I dont have any swatches to show you because Im a total failure when it comes to that (but I would try to maybe some other time when Im not too lazy or busy). Color or pigmentation is pretty decent. Its more of a highlight than a blush, only the kitty part have the peach blush color is the other ones thought it looked like pink purple whatsoever when swatched are as light as sheer white. There's one thing I dont know if I would consider it a pro or a con because i neither hate or love this fact, its a shimmer bomb. Click this to check. As in it has a lot of shimmers and im not kidding. Never the less still love it because of its cutenessssssssss.
Scent? It smells like baby powder on the pan but I dont smell anything when applied on skin or when I swatched it on my fingers.
Finally managed to snap a swatch for you. Blahhh I dont have any good camera here, just my phone. Dont expect too much (lol)
light swatch
heavy swatch with flash
heavy swatch under direct sunlight
under direct sunlight
with flash

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Pammy said...

I can't blame you, I won't have the heart to use that blush either. It took me 4 months before finally touching my Guerlain blush and it might take a longer time if it were that Holika Cat blush! Super cute!