Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Old me.

Meet me 3 Years ago, when I still dont know the word makeup, (pardon my crooked teeth heh) Chinese much? No am not chinese. Neither Korean nor Japanese. I am pure Pinoy, half tagalog, half bisaya. Well I admit atleast but the bad part is that I dont know how to speak bisaya. Would love to learn how. Please tutor me Ill pay you 50 pesos Hoho. Kuripot much? I just recently got my back pay and the clearing ends today, I asked my darling to withdraw the money for me, thanks puda! He is one reliable boyfriend. We call each other puda for an unknown reason. I call him darming because we both love cats, and that he told me I just learned it from him, we the fact is NO, a big NO. Im already fond of cats before specially if Hello kitty would count HEHEHEHE. Well honestly I love cats ever since but wouldn't dare to have one because I am never into PETS. Well I love animals, or the right way to say it is I love to look at animals and thats it. Cuddle? Naaaah. id rather have those stuffed cotton filled toys. Then he suddenly started calling me puda so I just mimicked it. Me and puda have been together for almost 3 years now and I think Ive been working on this relationship so hard Ive forgotten self respect. Its not that I feel sorry for myself but for me this isn't how I really wanted things to be. Im down under my guy and he
bosses me around. I kind of like it but honestly its tiring. I dont know whats wrong with me but Ive had an ex who treats me like a Goddess but still I was not happy with that, oh well I am really hard to please. My face already started to loose those round jowls I used to have but I still have em only not that big as how it used to be. My aunts kind of praises how my face starts to mature because they think I am looking better more and more each day *blushes* LOL. I am really vain so I love praises. Praises rain over me. Darn my neighbors are still noisy how the heck am I going to sleep? Darn it.

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