Thursday, 24 March 2011


I got this baby a year ago from ROVI, she ordered this from ELF in US and as u can see from the packaging it seems so old and yet I still have loads of it. I use this everyday and its amazzzzing.

As you can see from the palette it has four colors, white, peach, gold and pink. BUUUUT they all look the same. Here's my swatch (forgive the flash I am just using my phone camera)

But this baby is just worth 3 USD ! If you are on a budget I would recommend this as a good highlighter. I cant say anything more about this cause I love love love love it, my everyday must wear. I hope I can repurchase again but sadly most of the studio line from this brand are not sold here in PH. Sob. ='(

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

EMON (the Legend)

E: Can I have your billing address?
Customer: Tinio St Manila.
Emon: Ah ok so sa Kanto-Tinio po pala kayo nakatira?
E: So Mr Tang how may I help you?
Mr Tang: I wanna check the breakdown of my balance.
Emon: Mr Tang-in-a moment lang po ah.
Such a witty person.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Wonders of Photoshop

Me Minus Eyebag and blemishes, I dont edit too much of my face Im pretty contented with my little self. ♥

LIOELE Blooming Pop Pinky Tint (Review)

This is a part of my haul last month and Ive been using this for a week now. Its from Liole, a korean brand. I bought this from Charm.This tint is most raved among tints from Korean Cosmetics and so have I because of the reviews I have read, and also the uber cute packaging but it disappointed me.
I love the small packaging but the thought of not being able to see what you have left inside makes me nuts because I wanna use it til the last drop (how can I scrap the bottle sides if I cant even see if theres somethin on it?) The color looks so cute in the little bottle but when applied: Its super sheeeeeeeeeer (forgive my hairy arms).I bought this for 495 Php or around 11.25 USD. Its worth a try though because its pretty when applied on your lips but as a cheek tint? Nah. And staying power is not that good. It lasted less than an hour (or maybe because I talk a lot? LOL). Packaging? Super cute. But the applicator? A thumbs down because it looks like a nail polish brush. When I was applying this on my lips in the office my officemate told me "Why are you applying polish on your lips ewww." I was like LOL. I dont have any pictures of it when I applied it on my lips because I think my lips are pretty UGLY. Hoho. Plus my lips are uber pigmented so it wont show a lot but still cute though.
I wouldnt recommend this but maybe it would work for those who have fair skin and not so pigmented lips. Cant wait to try tony moly tint next.
As a whole (for those lazy peeps LMAO)
♥ Cute Packaging
♥ Not drying
♥ Cheap
♥ Doesnt taste awful (but dont over eat LOL)
• Not so pigmented.
• Poor lasting power (or maybe its just me?)
• Nail Polish Applicator (that tends to harden and whatever i just dont like it)
• Leaves pink streaks on where you actually applied the tint color before blending.
• Only sold in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, in short ASIA (but you can buy it online I recommend this seller click here)
Final Score : 7/10 - Repurchase? Nah. I'd love to try moreeeee other brands.

ELF Kabuki Face Brush

Say hi to my beloved Kabuki. Pardon if its untidy cause I have been using this for almost half a year now and Im too lazy to wash it (will be washing this today). I bought this from ELF online with my friend Rovi. I would like to make a short review it deserves.
1. Super soft (my darling keeps on playing with it because he said it feels like a cats fur, and we both love cats meow~).
2. Super Cheap (5 dollars for this WOW like Php 220)
3. It doesnt shed.
4. It doesnt bleed (maybe cause its white?)
5. I love it. love love love.
1. Part of studio line which is not available here in the PHILIPPINES.
I just cant say anything anymore because I am a starter and is still planning if I would buy the sigma complete professional set. My boyfie wont let me because Ive been buying a LOT lately, as in A LOT.

Etude House Moistful Collagen Cream (Review)

Finally, I get the energy to review this product I bought from obviously EH last 2 months ago. This little tub lasted for 2 months and you see its empty, first product I have emptied this year (Im into trying a lot of things then when I see something new I end up tossing them around and some chilled in the fridge and will just grab em whener I feel to do so). This is an OK product Im really not that impressed. So to make review serious:
1. Once applied it makes your skin feel hydrated instantly(if my skin can only talk it would've said "wow!refreshing")
2. It made my skin soft.
3. It did not break me out.
4. Its really not a cream it feels like a gel.
5. Cooling effect.
6. Cute Packaging comes with free sample emulsion and travel size tub.
1. It has fragrance, which my boyfriend hates. So he shoos me away whenever I have this on. LOL.
2. Its thick, I wouldn't be wearing this if the weather is SUPER HOT, specially in PHIL because it doesn't absorb fast and wont make my face breath.
Weeee. Woo hoo! 1 jar down! KO'd. LOL. Now Im waiting for my Omija Set I ordered from Charm. Too bad I need to wait til April so I think Imma gonna shop again tomorrow in EH since its payout today! ♥

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Random calls - Call center Life

Some customers thought they're funny but ..
Me: How many credit cards do you have ?
Customer : 220.
Me : errr .. (WTF?)
Me: How may I help you?
Customer : Pay for my credit card outstanding balance.
Me: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Customer: Yeah, give me the winning lottery number.
Me: Blah Blah Blah this product would be useful would you like to avail?
Customer: OMG, did you even breath? You'd better be rapper and make more money.
... but maybe yeah they can be funny if you're in the mood. LOL