Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Oh my Gossssh Im soo lazy i just cant keep up

LOL. I really adore beauty bloggers/vloggers like Eki, Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty, Chaigyaru, Fuzkittie, Bebexo, Xteener, Ahramablog, cl2425, Makeupgeek and i bet you already know about all of them (so impossible not to if you are a youtuber). I wonder how they manage their time in doing their everyday life and being so active in cyber life at the same time. I am soooooooooooo lazy but I wanna be one of you guys. Pft. :(

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Dee said...

Haha idk much about the vloggers (mas gusto ko kasi blogs lang eh, tamad ako mag-antay ng videos XD), but the big bloggers like Temptalia, Karen of MBB, and Rouge Deluxe are scary-ass monsters too. Temptalia's finishing an MBA/law degree, and she still manages to upload SO MANY posts about makeup!