Thursday, 7 April 2011

My Man - A Civilized Man

Tonight we went out and ate in Festival Mall "Salmon Marina", and to my Horror when he lifted his beef strip, there was a kissing bug. Too bad I didnt bring my camera to snap it and I was like "Shocked" *OMG*. But my man just called the waiter and told him "Excuse me there seems to be something on my food?" and the waiter just took the plate and gave him another meal (same dish) apologized then my man continued eating. I was like F*CK. So I lifted my own dish from the plate (which is yummy by the way porkchops stuffed with apples something I dont know but kewl) well good thing there's nuthin there.

I have nothing more to share, but if it was my meal I'd effin be super irate. Good thing it was his'(LOL)

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