Thursday, 24 March 2011


I got this baby a year ago from ROVI, she ordered this from ELF in US and as u can see from the packaging it seems so old and yet I still have loads of it. I use this everyday and its amazzzzing.

As you can see from the palette it has four colors, white, peach, gold and pink. BUUUUT they all look the same. Here's my swatch (forgive the flash I am just using my phone camera)

But this baby is just worth 3 USD ! If you are on a budget I would recommend this as a good highlighter. I cant say anything more about this cause I love love love love it, my everyday must wear. I hope I can repurchase again but sadly most of the studio line from this brand are not sold here in PH. Sob. ='(

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Julie P. said...

this looks pretty pigmented and shimmery esp for $3. I half a few ELF products that I use too. Have you tried their HD powder? that's my all time fav! :)